Kevin Kilbane feels only 2 Players are Capable of Attracting Media Attention

Kevin Kilbane reckons with two famous Football personalities present in the team management of Republic of Ireland, they would draw media’s attention more than the team which would let the players be themselves and play without any pressure.

On British Broad Casting Network, Kilbane said, “Coaching-wise, Roy has functioned excellently. He has a lot to give from the technical side of the game and in that way, he has been great to the team and also, to Martin. You can see the two have proved an effective combination for Republic of Ireland.”

“Martin himself is somebody who knows very well what a situation demands at a particular time, but, Roy, with so much of knowledge, will also have his contribution in decision making for sure.”

Roy Keane’s history in international team tournaments as a player wasn’t that great.

One incident in particular which always comes into the discussion is of 14 years back when he had refused to represent the Green Army after having altercation against McCarthy who was the head coach at that time.

But, as per Kilbane, those are things of the past and although, Keane would be reminded of that, he is too wily an individual to let it have any effects on him.

In the words of the former Irish player, “Some difficult questions might be there especially regarding the story you just mentioned, but, we all know Roy. He has his own style of handling the situations and I am sure he will handle everything pretty well.”

Kilbane also disagreed that not having any superstar touch to it is a drawback of the Irish squad suggesting that Ireland is at least not unsettled and confused about the first choice line up like some of the other teams are, including England.

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