The Increasing Popularity of Sports Betting

While sports betting has always been popular in the UK at least – with many of the established bookmaking firms having been around on high streets here since the 1960s or earlier – there is no doubt that it has greatly increased in popularity during the internet era. These days it is a truly global business, and one which brings in billions of pounds every year, taking it well beyond its standing prior to the internet. So what are the reasons for it?

Well one of them must surely be that sport itself has also become big business – and a global industry these days – with the major events being televised live to people all over the world. An example of the change would be the English Premier League, as in the pre-Premiership days this had few followers (and thus betting fans) outside of England.

Nowadays people watch Premier League games in countries all over the world, as well as following teams in the league and – presumably – opting to bet on matches online. The online aspect is probably the other key reason for the increased success because, just as online casino sites have increased the customer base for casino gambling, online sports betting has made it possible to participate in this from your own home.

The importance of this convenience should not be underestimated, given that it has also proven beneficial to casino gambling, but we should also remember that younger people are increasingly looking for leisure activities online and via their mobile devices. The online casino and sports betting sites have benefited from the fact that they are tailor made for a younger, technologically inclined customer base, while other entertainment industries have struggled to adapt.

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